Cruising around parts of the world one hasn't seen since The Childhood Years... watching the present lay over the past like a film... a surrealist nightmare... as progress rolls forward while landscapes wither and die, only to live on in memory of those traveling one day forward at a time... you don't see how abrupt the changes are when you live with them, yet when the span of decades provides an intermission you can become steamrollered by the overlay... trees grow & disguise once-familiar landmarks for navigation... venues change, new businesses take over... old parking lots either become repaved & profitable or else nature begins to reclaim them, leaving your commercial history a mere moment in time that nobody will recall in a few short years... nothing to get hung about, the cars upgrade while the people remain the same, rents increase with no noticeable improvement in quality of accommodations... "Caution this house has been winterized with antifreeze in all drains and toilet bowls please run water through the drains before using DANGER"... oh look, new developments, new condos where children used to play in the snow... people move faster while minds move slower... an intriguing duality of crossed wires & cyclical movement through history's judgement... a cinema turns into a church turns into an empty lot... new signs declare the impeding arrival of aluminum siding monstrosities to replace the beauty of brick... a single business from your childhood still exists like spotting a glimpse of original wallpaper under new paint... comfort in the idea... a sliver of peace among the wreckage of one's youth.

Neil Kull