I've spoken those words many times, to students, colleagues, contemporaries, management, and it's still as valid today as it was when I first realized their importance.

All media is connected. Our minds process information from our senses using similar rules for each, in order to understand and react. Colors separate and blend, sounds layer and mix, all according to simple triggers that work in all of us. The difference between a bass drum & a cymbal to the ear is processed the same as the difference between blue and gold to the eye. Combining two senses or more - ie: synchronizing lighting with sound - creates a euphoric effect and stimulates the imagination in all of us.

Technology also follows similar rules in its operation. Editing a song on a computer is the same process for editing a lightshow, or video production, or laser system, etc. With that understanding, you can trigger simultaneous reactions in various media using interactive technology - and the combined effect can provoke an emotional response so powerful that we can be influenced to feel just about anything.

My life's work has been to discover those triggers, both psychological and technological, and utilize their magic to entertain... and inspire.

This site will offer a public record of the more successful experiments, which you can explore, comment, download, and even purchase original arts. Should you wish to receive occasional updates on new developments, contact me and I'll keep you in the loop.



Photo by Bill Davidson